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Photos at the Royal City Farm Market

150th Birthday Party:

Jen Arbo, Market Manager, Royal City Farmers Market:

"Just wanted to send along a note of thanks for your performance at the Royal City Farmers' Market this past Thursday. We got some incredible feedback, and most of our shoppers were delighted with the way you interacted with them.

Many people reported that your trio was always smiling and were obviously enjoying yourselves while you played, and one mother reported that her young toddler was completely enthralled with the way you stopped and played just for him and got down to his level while he danced about.

The addition of Razzmajazz to our 150 Celebration market made a big difference for us and helped set a tone of lively fun and a vibrant atmosphere. Thanks again for your time, and for adding so much to our marketplace. Keep up the good work!"





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